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Project Details

Client: Adventure

Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, Wordpress, jquery, javascript


Delimp team designed the Adventure site to give it a more expert, cleaned look and streamlined the site for the web indexes. Accordingly, the site is positioned on page one of their top keywords. Right off the bat we enhanced the look of the site by neatening up the format – it simply didn't look completed as we would like to think. We kept the foundation of the site a decent, spotless, proficient white.
There were vast holes on the page, the data boxes looked messy, every single changed size, and nothing on the site made it look engaging, or proficient. We expected to tidy everything up, give the correct initial introduction and show data and menus that made the procedure to a deal simple. We included some reliable typography – the textual style Open Sans was picked as it looks perfect and expert, yet sufficiently unique from the ordinary Arial and Verdana textual styles that we see so regularly to add some style to the marking.

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